The first two scooters found by Lockator tracker

How our GPS tracker found stolen scooters

Recently our partners Pro Service Rent Bike suffered another theft of electrical scooters previously rented to their clients. By the way scooter’s thefts are quite commonplace. The customers who are renting the scooters are not very attentive and the local sneaks can get use of it because if the total price of the stolen object is lower than 500 euros, the police officers are nor eager to investigate it as it’s not a penal offense. That’s why all the rental companies have to protect themselves on their own. Specially for them Lockator developed the trackers and comfortable web service, that are in line with the rental business specifics and have no rivals on the market. And once the thieves were found thanks to our trackers, we were testing with our partners.

Pro Service Bike Rent got a call from the crying customers who said that they just left 2 scooters without closing them well and in 2 minutes the vehicles were stolen. Our partners filed a police report and called us immediately and we started tracking the scooters. The thieves ripped off the stickers with serial numbers, put some new personalized stickers:

New stickers of the thrieves

They also changed handles:

The changed handles of the stolen scooter

In spite of the all these facts, we were able to find them. Our trackers worked fine. We saw all the movements of the scooters and even found the place where they live. The next day we reported this information to the police and they started acting. In a few minutes they approached the thieves using the location that we found and those were taken in.

Finally both thieves were able to avoid any punishment because they were under age (again strange Spanish laws), but as the company didn’t lose the money they decided to install our trackers in all their scooters. Our partners were 100% confident in the final results!

Evgenii Goryaev