Return your stolen vehicle!

We track stolen vehicles and help
return them to their owner!

What do we do if the vehicle is stolen:

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    We analyze the movements of the vehicle.

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    We automatically generate a statement for the police with the vehicle's serial number.

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    We will help you return your stolen equipment as soon as possible.

About the project

Xiaomi scooters are very popular not only among citizens, but also among robbers: all rental companies regularly run up against thefts from their customers and are forced to buy new equipment.

We had developed a GPS tracker specifically for Xiaomi scooters.

Easy installation

Data transmission without delay

Blocking the scooter in 10-20 seconds

Track the movements of your scooter in real time without a delay

Compared with all competitors, our trackers work in real time and without a delay. They continuously transmit date while driving.

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    Instant remote blocking of scooters

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    Automatic blocking in the moment of leaving the areas marked on the map

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    Sending notifications in case if the vehicle starts moving

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    Analytics based on the data received from trackers

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    History storage and movement analytics

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    Designed specifically for Xiaomi scooters

Advanced GPS tracking platform

We wrote our own user-friendly data processing platform with notifications, flexible settings and analysis of capabilities. Our platform's features are comfortable interface, abcence of failures and a big quantity of map modes.

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Unique hardware

High voltage range (5-60V), power surges and interruptions ptotection.

Real time mode, fast reaction to blocking.

The price of our product is lower compared to our competitors (of course, if we are talking about quality service).

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How we grow and develop

The thieves themselves came to the police

The thieves themselves came to the police

After closely monitoring the movements of the stolen vehicle, the thief was identified and their place of residence was discovered. However, in an unexpected twist, the thief and their friend brought the stolen scooter to the National Police Station. The GPS tracker allowed for the successful return of the scooter to its rightful owner after the police were contacted.

Lockator expanded its customer network in the summer of 2023
The 6 months of the GPS trackers testing

Results of 6 months of testing

In October 2022, a six-month testing period began for around 70 trackers installed in rental scooters in Valencia. About 40 of them are currently in production and returning stolen scooters successfully.

How our GPS tracker found stolen scooters

The first two scooters found by Lockator tracker

The rental company suffered a theft of two electric scooters, which is common in the area as police do not investigate thefts under €500. Lockator, a tracker and web service provider, was able to locate the stolen scooters despite the thieves changing serial numbers and handles.

The optimal hardware for a GPS tracker

In the search of the optimal hardware

We describe the process of choosing components for our tracker prototype.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the best value for money product on the market.

Lockator GPS Tracker

Device + SIM card + installation. Ready to go.


The electric vehicle GPS Tracker

Monthly subscription

Advanced monitoring platform. Fast customer service.


Lockator GPS trackong platform