The thieves themselves came to the police

The thieves themselves came to the police

Recently, we managed to return yet another stolen electric scooter from the beach to its rightful owner. However, this time it happened in a slightly unconventional way: the thieves themselves came to the police station, which happened to be located near my house. Here's how it went down:

After receiving a report of the stolen scooter, we immediately started closely monitoring the movements of the stolen vehicle. Within two days, we had already identified the thief's place of residence and several typical places on the street where he spends his time. It is to these places that we direct the police when it appears that our target is staying in one place for a long time (sitting in a park or café).

But, this time, everything played out according to a different scenario: the scooter thief and his friend arrived at the National Police Station, which is located directly across from my house, at 10 pm. Here is the GPS track:

The gps track of the thief

Initially, upon seeing via our GPS tracker that the target had crossed the entire city and was approaching my area, I decided to go outside and follow him myself, maybe even take a few photos or videos. But imagine my surprise when the thief headed straight to the police and spent a long time arguing with the guards at the gate:

The thief

All that was left for me to do was to approach them and ask the police to detain the thief, explaining that there was a tracker in the scooter, and it was stolen, and the owner was already on the way. The guards detained the thief, called for backup, and returned the scooter to its owner.

Of course, it's striking how brazen and confident in their own impunity the thieves are, not only riding around the city on other people's scooters but also having the audacity to bring them to the police station! But not this time, not with our GPS tracker on board.

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